It’s been two weeks since I’ve been back from korea..crazy..but anywho I made a little video to capture my small moments there. It’s funny because I literally wasn’t going to upload anything because I thought I didn’t have enough clips, but a lot of people enjoyed it! I was actually surprised ahah, but any who I’m always thankful for my friends who push me to be creative and support me ❤


Seoul Dump part 2

Sorry I have no nicer title haha

It’s the beginning of week 2 in Korea and still lovin every bit of it. Today we went to haehwa which is a quaint village with a bunch of cool murals everywhere. Basically photoshoot galore. I’m going to leave my other photos here too from the past couple of days..this is getting unorganized, but I will try to keep the photos in order. Enjoy!

Here is a song I’ve been obsessed with. I listen to it while I ride the subway and pretend I’m in a music video. Makes life so much prettier haha

Seoul Trip 2016

I love love love Korea and iust a week ago I had no idea I would be here in this place. Thanks to priceline and some spontaneous spirit I booked a roundtrip flight to seoul about 5 days ago. I’ve only been here three days, but I can’t stop admiring everything here! Here are some photos I took so far. Hope you enjoy!



It’s happening…I’m going to Seoul, Korea errbody!! This has been on my mind since…last summer. The thought of going to Korea after graduation has been on my mind for so long, but the practical side of me kept holding me back ie: I need a job/something stable before I do this. BUT finally I’ve realized I need to ENJOY this free time that I have because I know and believe that I will find a job eventually. I’m also going with the thought of being inspired and giving my creativity a push and reenergizing myself. I am very excited to go cafe hopping and to get lost while exploring every nook and cranny. I’ll be posting all my adventures here!! So stay tuned 🙂


COS I’m in Love

 I’ve heard of COS before and I’ve come across their website in the past, but seeing it in person was so different. COS is an H&M owned brand. I would say it’s higher priced than H&M, but lower than Madewell, although I think the quality is above Madewell. This store has captured my heart. From the interior to the exterior to the product to the packaging to the branding. The quality is superb and I can see myself filling my closet with basics from here. May be a bit pricey, but their doing a huge sale right now! I honestly think the price is worth it too because it will last you a long time and their pieces fit my body perfectly 🙂

Le Petit Prince

littleprincedesign-1“A book for children, written for adults” I honestly don’t know who said that, but truly could not have been better said. The depth of the words in this book is unreal. It really punched me right in the gut. I loved every nook and cranny of this book and my personal favorite character was the fox 🙂 I created this poster because A) why not and B) trying to inspire myself to create more. Enjoy!

Next Chapter

12308155_10153708333166788_5891518032150069887_oWhat will the next chapter of my life entail? The world really feels like my oyster. Although I have been job hunting and getting rejected here and there, I still feel like the world is mine.

Recently I have been getting so anxious about what my next steps will look like, but I decided to take my friend’s advice. Take a breath and process what just happened to me for the past 4 years. I may just do that, but I want to do it in another land. Where will my feet take me next??